Meet with the Optii team at
HITEC Minneapolis!

Come by our booth #2733 from June 17-20, 2019 and claim your free gift!

Minneapolis Convention Center

1301 Second Avenue South

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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    We cannot wait to meet you

    How Optii Works

    Discover how our intelligent housekeeping management software helps hotels just like yours boost productivity and reduce labor costs

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Focused exclusively on housekeeping productivity, efficiency and quality.
    • Best-in-class, automated labor management optimizes the path of travel and reduces wasted labor.
    • Optimized housekeeping schedules are created automatically in minutes.
    • Highly-intuitive, multilingual user interface is quickly adopted by your housekeeping team.
    • 24/7 guidance and support from Optii’s housekeeping management experts.
    • Optii’s housekeeping software tightly integrates with PMS software.

    Since we adopted Optii Keeper as our housekeeping system, we have increased our efficiency by 15%

    Why Choose Optii?

    • Quickly reduces housekeeping labor expenditure and increases the rate of return guests, resulting in increased profits
    • Maximizes housekeeping staff productivity and produces significant ROI within just months of adoption
    • Dynamically automates housekeeping schedules, shows cleaning progress in real-time and streamlines communication
    • Provides best-in-class data analytics that enable smart business decisions to optimize housekeeping staffing levels, reduce costs and boost profits
    • Provides a fair and balanced housekeeping schedules for every shift
    • Fully mobile and multilingual system makes it easy to access schedules and room requirements in their preferred language and from any location in the hotel
    • Enriches the guest experience in your hotel through greatly reduced front-desk queues and fast access to clean rooms around the clock
    • Creates a higher standard of room presentation and the ability to have your guests’ personal preferences easily managed